Public/private partnership for a stronger, safer Twin Cities community


 "Private Companies working with Law Enforcement

 to enhance security within

the Twin Cities community" 

Reducing Crime, Threats & Improving Community Safety

Corporate partnerships are more important than ever and far greater resources are needed to address the magnitude of the threats we now face. This is where partnership plays a critical role.  Partnership is the key to crime reduction.  The TCSP is a public/private partnership determined to ensure our areas become the safest places to live, work, shop and play.


Sharing Resources and Skills


Each of our strategic partners possesses specific resources, connections, information and expertise. When we work together, sharing our skills and resources, the collective impact is tremendous; and, validates that partnerships really do work in delivering safer work places, streets and communities.  Developing strategic relationships with key partners is the foundation


Corporate Partners Supporting Law Enforcement 

Our law enforcement and criminal justice allies are some of the most vital partnerships and valuable resources to business. Often our local criminal justice agencies are not aware of the many ways the private sector can support them. The TCSP member corporations’ value to our communities goes far beyond providing a safe place to operate business.


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